Formatting guide

Formatting guide

General requirements
Manuscripts submitted to the Vietnam Journal of Science and Technology (the Journal) must be original (not previously published). Authors are not allowed to submit manuscripts to other journals until the Editorial Board's decision.
Manuscripts are not longer than 10 pages (including tables, notes, references and appendices); font: Times New Roman; font size: 13; paper size: A4; top margin: 2 cm, bottom margin: 2 cm, left margin: 3 cm, right margin: 2 cm.
Manuscripts submitted to the Journal in soft files via the online submission, or via email:, or directly to the office address (Room 507, No.113 Tran Duy Hung St., Trung Hoa ward, Cau Giay district, Hanoi, Vietnam),

The title is written in Vietnamese and English, on the front page of your manuscript, not underlined or italicised.
The title must be short, clear and consistent with the content of your manuscript.
The author's name without titles and degrees is below your manuscript’s title. If there are many authors working at different organisations, the authors’ name are marked with numbers superscripted (1,2...). The asterisk (*) indicates the corresponding author’s contact detail, written at the bottom of the front page.
Abstract is written in both Vietnamese and English. The abstract states the main purpose, method, research results and major conclusion. Keywords are in both Vietnamese and English in accordance with the alphabetical order. Classification number follows the instruction below.



Classification Scheme

Social Sciences



1.1.   Developmental Psychology

1.2.   Counseling and Clinical Psychology

1.3.   Educational Psychology

1.4.   Other Psychology


Economics and Business

2.1.   Economics

2.2.   Business and Management

2.3.   Other Economics and Business


Educational Sciences

3.1. Education Systems

3.2. Curriculum and Pedagogy

3.3. Specialist Studies in Education

3.4. Other Education


Sociology, Anthropology, and Ethnology

4.1. Sociology

4.2. Anthropology

4.3. Ethnology

4.4. Other Sociology, Anthropology, and Ethnology


Political Sciences

5.1. Political Science

5.2. International Relations

5.3. Other Political Science




Other Social Sciences



History and Archaeology

8.1. History

8.2. Archaeology

8.3. Other History and Archaeology


Linguistics and Literature

9.1. Linguistics

9.2. Literary Studies

9.3. Cultural Studies


Vietnamese Studies


Philosophy and Religion


Other Humanities

The introduction includes an overview of research published previously (nationally and internationally), states the research objectives, and explains the selection of research topic to highlight the topical, scientific and necessary aspects of the research topic.
Subject and methodology
The selection criteria and characteristics of the research subjects should be presented in this section.
The research methodology should clearly state the research approach, type of research, formulas for calculating sample sizes, methods of data processing and a thorough description of techniques conducted in the research.
The manuscript presents fully and objectively the results obtained from the study, these results must serve the research objectives. The data and numbers must be accurate and match each other.
The results section only presents the research results of the topic, without explanation, comparison and discussion.
This section mainly gives discussions on issues related to the research objectives.
It presents objectively comments and evaluation on the research results, comparison with other authors’ works to confirm or negate existing knowledge, thereby raising new points and contributions of the topic.
It also forecast further research directions and the ability to apply the research results into practice.
The Conclusions section states the main research results related to the research objectives and the recommendation for further study.
Notes and references
Notes are numbered in the order they appear (1, 2, 3...) and displayed at the bottom of the page (footnote).
References are numbered in the order they appear to indicate where they are cited in the text. The numbers are given in square brackets, for example: [3] for one reference or [2, 5, 7-9] with multiple references.
Author(s) (Year of publication), "Title of reference", Source, Vol.(Number), pp.<first page-last page>.
Author: the author/authors of the reference or cited work.
Year of publication: the year when the reference was published.
“Title of reference”: the title of the article, chapter/section of the book (“written in quotation marks”).
Source: it can be the journal title, the book title, or the title of the original document (it is italicised).
Vol.(Number): for the cited source that is a journal (in bold).
First page-last page: the page number that reflects the residence of the cited document in the source.
Note: If there are ≥2 references published by the same author/group of authors in the same year, these references need to be marked with “a, b...” after publication year (for example: 1986a ).
If there are several references that have different page numbers in the same article, page numbers should be added too, for example: Kitchen (1982, p.39).
Other requirements
The rejected manuscript will not be returned to the author(s).
A manuscript will be published only after reviewers give evaluations on the quality of the manuscript and accept to publish it.
Copyright: the author(s) agree(s) to give the copyright of the article (including the abstract) to the Journal.