Completing the most monumental series on the “National History” of Vietnam


  • Vu Minh*


Vietnam has a long and rich history. In effort to recreate its heroic but equally tragic historical episodes, so far, many domestic and foreign works have been written on various topics. However, large-scale historical works are rare. As the country needs a national history series commensurate with the significance of Ho Chi Minh’s era, and to follow the policy of the Party Central Committee Secretariat and the direction of the Government, the Ministry of Science and Technology has organised a state project (KHXH-LSVN/14-18) to research and compile a special series on Vietnamese national history. In November 2021, the last volume of the series was finalised at the state level. This article offers an overview of the research and compilation process and highlights outstanding new insights of the most accomplished works on Vietnamese history thus far.


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Vu Minh

Vietnam Association of Historical Science, 216 Tran Quang Khai Street, Trang Tien Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam




Received 4 February 2022; revised 10 March 2022; accepted 16 March 2022

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Vu Minh. (2022). Completing the most monumental series on the “National History” of Vietnam. The VMOST Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, 64(1), 3-9.



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