Aims and Scope

The VMOST Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (VMOST JOSSH) is the official tri-annual scientific title in English of Vietnam Ministry of Science and Technology. The VMOST JOSSH aims to become an international journal that meets the standards of the world’s leading databases of scientific journals such as Scopus, Web of Science. There are no less than 9 articles and no more than 13 articles in each issue.

The VMOST JOSSH mainly publishes original peer-reviewed articles and reviews in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary fields of social sciences and humanities with the focus on:

- Vietnamese Studies

- Economics and Business

- History and Archaeology

- Educational Sciences

- Sociology, Anthropology, and Ethnology

- Linguistics and Literature

- Psychology

- Philosophy and Religion

- Jurisprudence

- Political Sciences


Social Sciences

1. Psychology
1.1. Developmental Psychology
1.2. Counseling and Clinical Psychology
1.3. Educational Psychology
1.4. Other Psychology

2. Economics and Business
2.1. Economics
2.2. Business and Management
2.3. Other Economics and Business

3. Educational Sciences
3.1. Education Systems
3.2. Curriculum and Pedagogy
3.3. Specialist Studies in Education
3.4. Other Education

4. Sociology, Anthropology, and Ethnology
4.1. Sociology
4.2. Anthropology
4.3. Ethnology
4.4. Other Sociology, Anthropology, and Ethnology

5. Political Sciences
5.1. Political Science
5.2. International Relations
5.3. Other Political Science

6. Jurisprudence

7. Other Social Sciences


8. History and Archaeology
8.1. History
8.2. Archaeology
8.3. Other History and Archaeology

9. Linguistics and Literature
9.1. Linguistics
9.2. Literary Studies
9.3. Cultural Studies

10. Vietnamese Studies

11. Philosophy and Religion

12. Other Humanities


Frequency of Publication

The VMOST Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (VMOST JOSSH) publishes 01 volume per year, including 03 issues:

  • Issue 1
    • Publication date: April
  • Issue 2
    • Publication date: August
  • Issue 3
    • Publication date: December